1. The Secret Rescue of ancient manuscripts from Timbuku during the Rebel Occupation (2012)


2. PBS Video from 2003 (6 minutes): Timbuktu's million manuscripts reveal its heritage as a center of learning


3. UNESCO World Heritage Site in Danger: 2012 http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/119

4. Close-up Photographs of Ancient Manuscripts about Science and Mathematics (taken in 2007)

Timbuktu Ms Physics and Optics.jpg
1.Timbuktu manuscripts about Physics and Optics

Timbuktu Ms Mathematics and Astronomy.jpg

2. Timbuktu manuscripts about Mathematics and Astronomy

Timbuktu Ms Astronomy Tables.jpg

3. Timbuktu manuscripts of Astronomy Tables


This is a drawing of Timbuktu from Dr. Heinrich Barth's Exploration of Mali in the 1850's --

his book(s) are freely available (sections thereof ) at Google Books

Timbuktu drawing Dr. Barth.jpg