A Princeton University Library Exhibition of Historical Maps of Africa

and the Explorers who made the Expeditions:


This website is a Treasure to behold and learn from...

winwood-reade-map of African explorers.jpg

William Winwood Reade's 1873 "Map of African Literature," showing where explorers went.

[Note: this predates Henry Morton Stanley's expeditions]

And here is the Exhibition Quotation by Joseph Conrad (author of The Heart of Darkness, etc.)


August 1, 2013

Dear Reader,

I have come to 'discover online' :-) that many of the explorers included in this exhibition have written detailed Travel Diaries/Books

that are available free to read and view and download at Google Books: many of these rare 'antique' books are in the public domain now and are digitized by Google.

I have just started reading:

Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa: Timbúktu, Sókoto, and the basins of the Niger and Bénuwé

by Heinrich Barth - January 1, 1890 Ward, Lock and Company - Publisher which is part of a 5 Volume Set, that is from the Stanford University Library Collection.

It is amazing to follow the history that these Explorers wrote in their own hands from a time and place and peoples gone...

for us to now learn from...

Allen, back in Timbuktu, Africa... with Heinrich Barth in the 1850's...