"Jambo" means "Hello" in Swahili... A brief language interlude into East Africa

"Jambo Dwana" Kenya - is a kool music video with the lyrics bilingual


Kenya's major languages are Swahili and English (deriving from British colonial rule).


Jambo Jambo bwana- Hello Mister(sir)

habari gani- How are you?

Muzuri sana- Very well

Wageni mwakaribishwa - Visitors (Guests) you are welcome

Kenya Yetu hakuna Matata - Our Kenya has no problems

Kenya nchi nzuri- Kenya is beautiful

Nchi ya maajabu- land of wonders

Nchi ya kupendeza- A pleasing and attractive land


Jambo means Hello is a fun children's ABC / Alphabet Book I read many years ago.

The book has inspired lots of educational website links, here is just one:


"Africa is the second-largest continent in the world and home to over 50 nations with a combined total population twice the size of the United States. It is a vast and diverse land of waterfalls, deserts, rain forests and grasslands. The languages of Africa are also diverse with 800-1,000 different languages spoken among the people.

One of the most common languages spoken is Swahili (or Kiswahili, which is the proper way to identify the language.) Swahili is an Arabic word meaning "of the coast" or people of the coast." It is one of 80 Bantu (African) languages, and is the national language of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and is spoken in Burundi, Rwanda and Zaire, and other parts of central and eastern Africa.

Swahili was not a written language until after the arrival of British colonists. The British influence may explain why the pronunciation of the vowels and consonants found in Swahili and the Kiswahili alphabet is similar to American English. The Kiswahili alphabet consists of 24 letters, lacking the letters Q and X."