There are many internet radio stations in Mali, many based in the capital city Bamako.

Most that I found are in French and have African music and Talk-Radio...

Remember that Mali is in the same time zone as England (Greenwich Mean Time = zero), which is 5-7 hours later/ahead of the USA time zones (East Coast to West Coast).

This list is a quick check of different radio stations, most of them have their own websites that also have current news

and entertainment links:


It seems that the local Mali websites below do NOT provide the live-stream radio, which I found first online at this "" website:

where you can then click on the selection of various Mali radio live-streams below, etc.



Radio Guintan est un réseau des stations radio maliennes, avec des stations a Bamako, Segou, Gao, Kidal, and Timbuktu.

C'est "la voix des femmes," créant emissions pour les femmes particulierement.

Radio Guintan Magnambougou est la station Guintan à Bamako.

2. "Radio Voix de Jeunes" >

Their website has French Mali pop music and a menu of about 15 other online radio stations, including

3. Voice of America = La Voix de L'Amerique, which has a mix of French African music and English music, as well as English language news. The VOA live-stream radio does not appear to have a regular website in Mali, so click on the link for it, found at the "malidoni" website...

Or go to the Voice of America international website and click on the tab for "Africa", which I have already done for you:

to be continued...