The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Global Health Program

The Gates Foundation has quickly become a major influence upon global health, especially in poor and under-developed countries, and even entire continents, like Africa. The $800 million that the Foundation gives every year for global health programs and research is equivalent to the annual budget of the United Nations World Health Organization (consisting of 193 nations), and is comparable to the funds given to fight infectious diseases by the United States Agency for International Development.

When Jared Diamond speaks about "Germs" in his book and film, Guns, Germs, and Steel - The Fates of Human Societies, this is exactly what the Gates Foundation is dedicated to improving worldwide: Global Health, and focusing particularly on eradicating tropical infectious diseases that have decimated populations in Africa, etc.

See the Wikipedia list of the Foundation's programs worldwide...


Also, now that Bill Gates is not busy running Microsoft, he has the time to create an ongoing Blog/Website called The Gates Notes,

where much of his focus is on improving world health... And his fame and fortune certainly attract many of the best innovators and the wealthiest philanthropists in the world... It is exciting to see and hear about his goals and collaborative successes...

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Nigerian Newspaper Online July 24, 2013

Nigerian and Gates Fdn_Muhammed-Pate.jpg

Minister of State, Health, in Nigeria: Dr. Muhammed Pate

Article by Mohammed Bello

The Minister of State, Health, Dr. Muhammed Pate, on Wednesday willingly dropped his portfolio as Minister of State for Health

to take up the position of Professor in Duke University's Global Health Institute USA.

His resignation from the cabinet of President Goodluck Jonathan, contained in his July 22 resignation takes effect

from Wednesday, stating that in his new capacity, he would participate in a university-wide Africa initiative and will also serve

as Senior Adviser to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation based in Washington DC.