Swirl in Bamako, a film by Dominique Philippe, 2012


This charming film (story of a family) is free at youtube, posted by the film-maker himself, and is appropriate for teenagers and adults.


Comédie Malienne de Dominique PHILIPPE - 70 minutes - Septembre 2012

Bande annonce du film de Dominique PHILIPPE tournée à Bamako en 2012. Comédie sélectionnée aux Festivals Africains de Lausanne, Tunis, Le Caire, Los Angeles, Washington Montréal, ainsi qu'au festival Pan Africain de Cannes, Toronto et Helsinki.

Le film est nominé deux fois pour les AMAA African Movie Academy Awards au Nigéria en Avril 2013.

Sortie prévue en septembre à Bamako et à Paris.

Film Summary

Makan, a dedicated young woodcarver, in the busy streets of Bamako, buys a betting ticket to humour a friend and surprisingly wins. When he finds out about his winnings he discovers that his jacket with the betting ticket has been misplaced. He goes from place to place trying to trace the jacket’s whereabouts, while not wanting to draw too much attention to the winning ticket. Word gets out however, and more people are suddenly interested in laying their hands on the ticket. A wild chase in pursuit of the jacket ensues. He enlists the help of the brother of the lovely Sira, a young teacher and reader, for whom Makan nurses romantic feelings. Makan finds himself embroiled in escapades that seem to take him further away from collecting his winnings, and it doesn’t help that amid all the chaos, his attention is drawn to the spark between him and Sira...